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Then TV is your place to be!

Learn, how we can get you there with an outstanding TV-Channel, that will help you grow your audience and revenue.


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You love being one of the first, who conquers “white areas” of new landscapes?


Then entering this new publishing universe will be just the right thing for you:

outstanding visibility,

full attention of your audience,

hardly no competitors in sight –

at the moment!

10 platforms with more than 1 billion viewers, who are hungry getting entertained, informed, inspired or ecucated by you!


May 14, 2019 was the day:

The first TV channel set up and managed by us went live!

Watch this TV channel free of charge on

We work together with leading TV app developers and will be happy to advise you which one is the right one for you and which service package best suits your goals. Take the opportunity to contact us conveniently via WhatsApp.

Questions & Answers


Why now?

13 excellent reasons, why you should start running your own TV-Channel now!

  1. You will be far ahead of your competitors!
  2. It boosts your image and credibility: today being on television is like being in the newspaper the last century.
  3. In comparison with TV-ads your own TV-channel is more sustainable, gives you more freedom and space for your creativity and your messages at competitive costs.
  4. There are various possibilities to monetize your content or channel and eventualy turn it into in a cash machine.
  5. Your own TV-Channel strengthens your reputation as an expert.
  6. Full attention – no cat videos, no competitors! On your TV-Channel you get more attention of the viewers as there is less distraction than on social media or youtube!
  7. Common social networks and youtube got crowded. This is good for diversity but it requires more of your efforts to grow and keep your own community.
  8. The Range of Facebook sucks, due to limited capacities of the timeline.
  9. Facebook users are going to be fed up with the increasing numbers ads showing up in the timeline.
  10. 2017 the amazon fire tv stick was the most sold product
  11. There is already an audience, but little content, especially if it comes to high quality
  12. It is new, yet technically well developed and reliable
  13. The viewers are open, if not hungry for inspiring content that helps them to improve their lives in various areas.
How does it work?

Briefly explained, how it works:

amazon (fire TV), Roku etc. have turned the TV into a “Smartphone with TV-Apps”. Instead of “downloading” the TV-App (= TV-Channel) he subscribes to the channel he likes to watch.

So, all you need to provide is high quality video content that fullfill the needs and expections of your target group.

We at the OTTers create the TV-App, that looks compelling and broadcasts your content.

Therefore we need to upload, transcode and host your video, put title, descriptions and metatags on it and hit the publish-button at the very time, you want your video display to your audience.

We can also support you with streaming services for your live events (available soon).

Who are our clients?

More than just “pioneers” or “conquerors”

Our clients come from a variety of business areas and business of all sizes. They take chances long befor others even know, that they exist.

It may not surprise, that they themselves show the same characteristics like the “otters” and ourselves:

They are individualistic, creative above-average, curious and playful. They gather with others to have fun.

Therefore our clients don’t want to get bothered with technical issues and details.

Why the OTTers?

We love to distribute your “Over The Top” content

What is “OTT”?

Over the top (OTT) is a term used to refer to content providers that distribute streaming media as a standalone product directly to viewers over the Internet, bypassing telecommunications, multichannel television, and broadcast television platforms that traditionally act as a controller or distributor of such content. (Read more about OTT on wikipedia)

What distinguishes “The OTTers” from other OTT-agencies?

  • We origin in SEO, youtube SEO and Webdesign.
  • We have a screenwriter on board, who are experts in translating even complex messages into the emotional language your audience is familiar with.
  • We partner with the most experienced provider, host and transcoder in OTT, Live event streaming and video on demand.
  • Our network contains additional specialists of various fields, connected to the TV-industry, who are ready to support you in making you and your videos look stunning!
  • We are located in Spain, yet are Germans and speak English, too.

And yes, when it comes to OTT, we are kind of a start-up – special discounts and features apply.

What solutions do our clients favor right now?


Publishing Package - AAA

Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Android TV

We make your TV-Channel available on those three popular Video-Streaming Platforms.

This is great, if you do have already a community, e.g. on facebook, youtube, a huge amount of newsletter subscribers etc. and know how to send them to your new broadcasting channel.


Publishing Package - AAAplus

Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Android TV – plus youtube & facebook

We make your TV-Channel available on those three popular Video-Streaming Platforms and publish it on youtube and facebook

Which clients apply for this offer?

a) They have already their popular fanpage and youtube channel and outsource the video publishing to us.

b) They don’t have a social community at all and want to use the full potential of getting visible as well as buildung up the community and increase number of subscribers fast.

Publishing AAAplus & Monetization

Monetize your TV-Channel and eventually turn it into a cashmashine

There are nearly unlimited possibilities to monetize your TV-Channel.

Some concepts even work with small, yet growing number of subscribers and without the need to broadcast live-events (which is very demanding for some clients, personally and technically.

Together we will create the solution the suites yourself, your abilities and goals the best.

Send us your request for a free consultation call.

On what mission are you on?

What are your visions, goals or questions?


Looking forward to getting to know more about you!

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